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  • Impact + Joy + Wellbeing

  • Discover your own way to be extraordinary.

Impact + Joy + Wellbeing

Discover your own way to be extraordinary. GET IN TOUCH

For Women in Leadership

Get clarity around where you want to be + the actions required to get there.

Pause + Reflect

1:1 Sessions

Goal setting, reflection & learning.

Create change, find more joy and fulfilment in your work + life.

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Invest in Yourself

A personal toolkit.

Build self awareness and tools to support your success.

Learn + Grow

Lead + Work Your Way

What is taking up the most headspace right now?

Do you find joy in what you do each day?

What elements of your work + life you would like to develop?

What would you change if anything were possible?

What are 3 goals for the next 12 months?

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Benefits of working with EM:

Boost performance + effectiveness.

Support yout team to be it's best.

Find more joy and fulfilment in each day

Build confidence in yourself as a leader

Better handle stress and improve focus.

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What's Involved?

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o Lack control of your work or life?

o Feel there might be something more than this?

o Want to invest in yourself but not sure where to start?

o Need meaningful goals and a clear action plan to get there?

o Want to reach your true potential at work and in life?

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Want to reposition yourself in your role?

Find a way to live and work on your terms.

Client Feedback

You unlock spaces I didn’t even know existed.  The door creaks open, there are cobwebs and you let the light in’

KR, Coaching Client, Yorkshire.

Emma coached me through a pivotal time for my company and to achieve B-Corp status. ... the lessons I have learned and the new focus and goals have transformed my relationship to my work. ...Emma is kind and wise and SO supportive.

Kerry Lemon Founder/ Director Kerry Lemon Ltd

We meet regularly to discuss how things are going and any issues I might face .. ultimately I feel like there is someone else in my corner when it comes to my business. I cannot recommend Emma enough!


Emma is absolutely fantastic. She is extremely conscientious, trustworthy and knowledgeable. 


It's lovely to work with someone that cares about our business, Emma is a perfect fit for our small and growing team.


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