• 1% Better

    I've long been fascinated by the power of routine to help us to achieve extraordinary results, whether that's for career growth, saving money or hitting wellbeing goals.
  • Reflective Practice - a way to Learn & Grow

    I realise that most of us can't slow down every month, but we can create regular pauses for reflection. These 'stops' allow us a moment to look at how we are currently feeling and operating and to build self awareness to support our learning and growth.
  • Feeling foggy or stressed? Try new things!

    Brain health. If like me you suffer from a foggy brain or forgetfulness, trying new things could be something to add to your performance toolkit....
  • The Power Duo: Success and Wellbeing 

    The pursuit of success is a common goal for many of us and something that I work with clients on in reference to their careers.  However, what we ...
  • Focus on your Goals

    What are you working towards today/ this week/ this year?Taking a moment at the start of each quarter to set goals and identify key actions has r...

    It's the small steps and consistent effort that make a difference.

    Whether that relates to your wellbeing, work or personal growth, creating change is the culmination of daily practice.. You can get there one step (or 10 minutes) at a time.
  • A Bit About Me...

    A bit about me...

    I'm a Chartered Accountant, mother, qualified Yoga Teacher and for nearly a decade, I ran a hospitality business, until we made the decision to close in 2020.

    Since then, I have been on a journey of self discovery...
  • You can have Anything, Not Everything.

    With this in mind... what do you choose? I say this to business owners and coaching clients alike.  Whether spending time or money, you can't have...
  • Goals for 2022: IMPROVEMENT and GROWTH

    For me, 2022 is about IMPROVEMENT and GROWTH. Here are three of the things that I am working on... 1) Pause Remember to pause before I speak, pa...
  • Kindness is a business trend

    Are you underestimating the value of your local connections? A recent survey shows that an incredible 93% of people are more likely to support small businesses that help their communities.
  • What home-office expenses are deductible for your business?

    Are you working exclusively from home? Talk to me and I’ll help you calculate what can (and can’t) be claimed, and what the impact will be on your annual tax bill. #tax #accounting #businesstips
  • How does an accountant save you money?

    Want to cut unnecessary costs, optimise the most profitable parts of the business, and increase your overall return on investment? Let’s talk about how we can work together to support your ongoing business profitability.