Goals for 2022: IMPROVEMENT and GROWTH

For me, 2022 is about IMPROVEMENT and GROWTH.
Here are three of the things that I am working on...
1) Pause
Remember to pause before I speak, pause to check I’m breathing evenly, pause to listen, pause for movement, pause for rest. 
Whether it's getting up regularly when Im sitting all day, learning not to jump in when talking to others, practicing the art of truly listening or good breathing, I'm up for improvement on every front.  I count myself as Ok at each but I know that improvement in any of them will reap huge rewards in how I feel during the day and how I interact with others.  For example, pausing to rest... I'm getting up at 5.30am on work days but when my body is tired and my schedule allows, I turn of the alarm and rest.  Equally, being freelance can mean you don't take formal time off.  This year, I've blocked out some weeks already for rest and time off. Hopefully, it will all add up to make me feel better, work better and be a better person to be around!
2) Learn
This year, I am taking time to work on my skills and connect with a community of mentors and peers.  With this in mind, I’ve started The Power MBA, 18 months of micro-learning from some of the world’s best business experts.  I’m also keen to complete the B-Corp B-Leaders program to help in my journey to advising more clients in completing the B Impact Assessment and becoming more sustainable. 
3) Connect & Share
Sitting working at home, at my desk, I’m physically (and mentally) closed off to the outside world a lot of the time.  I know it’s good to take time to connect with people, share ideas and build relationships but I find making time and energy for reaching out really hard.  While I can lose myself in the flow of solving problems, I feel clunky when I try to reach out virtually. An area of improvement for me, I will report back. Give me a nudge on Linkedin if you want to help ;0)
In doing all of the above, I've thought about the values that I want to live by, which include my financial goals, family values and what I want to put back.
I'll write more on that next time.