Rhythm & Flow

I started a new role recently (more details to follow).

There's a lot that is incredible about it, here are a few things:

 - I'm part of a company working as a force for good.  

 - I'm the 5th member of a brand new team, we're creating everything from scratch, even our office building.

 - We're already talking about flow, owning our mistakes and being ourselves. And how to use our strengths to cover each other's needs.

It feels good to be celebrated, nurtured and supported as myself as well as to look at ways to build trust, encourage challenge, expand skills and find a joy in our work, both individually and as a team.

My goal: To show up as the best version of myself. 

With that in mind, I'm trying to let go (at least a little!) - of making mistakes, of being perfect, of how I want everything to be and just to go with the flow! 

That's not about up-skilling or doing anything apart from allowing it to be so. 

So, I will try to do a little less thinking so that I can be a little more... me.