Self Care for Business Owners

Running a business can be 24/7 and you're likely to burn out if you don't take time to look after yourself.

Here are a few of my self care tips for keeping well:

Eat regularly and eat well. Porridge or eggs are a great start to the day. (Don't power yourself only with caffeine!)

Sleep well. I find minimizing screen time in the evenings & the first hour of each day really helps me with this.

Create a morning routine or power hour. This is 'you time', time to check in with how you are, journal thoughts, workout, walk or meditate. Whatever works to get your head straight for the day ahead.

Move. Find time to move, especially when you're sitting all day. This could be a lunchtime run, walk round the block or a few minutes each hour jumping up and down and doing a few squats. Anything to get the blood flowing.

Drink. Not wine, water (or herbal teas)!! My head always feels clearer and my body less sluggish if I'm hydrated. I fill a flask up with fresh ginger and hot water in the morning and top it up during the day.