You can have Anything, Not Everything.

With this in mind... what do you choose?

I say this to business owners and coaching clients alike.  Whether spending time or money, you can't have it all and still achieve sustainable growth (in business) or a sense of balance and fulfilment in life.


Accepting that you can't have it all is liberating because you stop constantly reaching for the impossible.   Instead, you can deliberately aim for fewer things which you can actually enjoy, fully complete and feel present with.  And so feel less anxiety and more satisfaction to boot! 


This applies to anything that involves choice, from the number of clubs you encourage your child to join, to the work projects you juggle at any time or the social engagements you say yes (or no) to. 


For me, it has meant, for example, choosing time with my daughter, at the expense of job opportunities and much more.  But I (mostly) don't think about what I have lost, only what I've gained through making that choice.   


Looking at what I choose, has also meant that I work freelance to suit my love of freedom, choice and adventure.  So my work can better flex around time with my daughter as well as my own life choices, for example my love of cooking at lunchtime, exercising instead of commuting etc. 


Equally, I've had to learn which freelance projects to pursue at any one time to avoid trying to do it all and not doing anything fully.  In a nutshell, I've had to select from goals and let some go entirely.  


So, in the knowledge that there are many things you will never achieve in your life (or business), the key is perhaps to choose a few of the FUCK YEAH things that you really want and go for that.  And what of the rest of the choices fighting for your time and attention? Well, within reason I'd say they could be totally and intentionally neglected, at least for now!