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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.”

John Whitmore


Coaching offers space for reflection supported by the right questions and tools so you can find clarity and confidence to make decisions that bring change in how you live, work and feel.

My sessions are supported by diagnostics and tools to bring about sustained learning and provide frameworks for you to takeaway for future use. 

You will create actionable plans to achieve your defined outcomes and be accountable for achieving them. 

Sessions are 1 hour.


  • Female business owners, freelancers and women in business.
  • You may be just starting out or looking for help to move in the right direction.


    • Reconnect with yourself

    • Build confidence

    • Name your talents and define your values

    • Set goals centered on your needs

    • Better handle stress and improve focus

    • Develop a toolkit to support performance & wellbeing

      How does it work: 

      1. Schedule a 30-minute chemistry session with me to talk about your goals.  
      2. Decide if I'm the right fit for you
      3. Purchase your coaching journey
      4. Complete pre-coaching questionnaire and diagnostic tools
      5. Schedule calls directly with me

        Please get in touch to arrange your free chemistry session.

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