Collection: The Strength Sessions

The Sessions: 
Regular Wellbeing Events aimed to build Rest, Recreation and Reflection into your performance toolkit.
Make stepping back a priority to support success in all areas of your life..
More details coming soon...

Hosted by: 
Emma - Leadership + Wellbeing Coach
Nick - Health & Fitness Coach, Wild Swimming Instructor

The Benefits:  
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Help identify the path forward
  • Set goals and take action centered on your needs  
  • Build confidence 
  • Better handle stress and improve focus
  • Develop a toolkit to support your physical and mental wellbeing
The Community (Your Tribe):
Female Founders, Freelancers and Women in Leadership who are seeking to navigate change, improve wellbeing and make more positive decisions in their life or business.

What's involved:
Each session includes:
 - Coaching & reflection - exploration around the theme, with a takeaway action. 
 - Wellbeing - Wild swims, breath work, simple movement, time in nature...
 - Support - from the group through sharing experience and being accountable for your actions. 
 - Nourishment - Coffee, herbal teas, seasonal treats. 

Locations vary depending on the time of year and activities.
Think firesides, riversides, studios and rustic cafes.   Long tables, hillside rocks and cosy blankets … it'll be somewhere different, a place to nourish and be inspired.

Maximum number: 12

Note: If you are interested in online sessions with us, please get in touch.

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